Private Jet

With Pradeep Private Jets, you will experience the freedom of flying to almost any place in Europe or North America at the time you choose. “Time is Luxury”! For many of us, this statement is completely true and now you can experience the luxury inside a private jet according to your schedule. Wherever your journey takes you: for you it is just a phone call away. You reach your destination quickly and don’t have to worry at all about the planning. Pradeep offers you a fleet of the most modern private jets. You’ll enjoy personalized services tailored to your own wishes and, at selected departure and destination locations, with our exclusive partner lounges which are available for your use. Once you enter the aircraft you will experience what luxury flying is all about. Privacy, flexibility and high-tech amenities are a part of every flight. You can fly alone or have a meeting up in the air, not worrying about Wi-Fi connection while having your favorite champagne or wine.